The mirage of freedom!

The main motive of the British rule all over the world and then to leave those countries was nothing but to get the whole world under the banner of democracy with the formation of countries, restricted with boundaries and flags to represent themselves. All these were actually alien terms just hundred years ago!

And once this was done they then proceeded to rule by proxy under the charter of United Nations where each country had to sign an oath that their country will never make way to a theocratic state. That is because a theocratic state is the greatest threat for their existence.

They had also meticulously planned to implement paper money by banning money of gold and silver for local transactions thus helping them to control the globe financially as well.

This in nutshell is nothing but a socio-political, financial & economic policy to govern the people indirectly under the garb of democracy and we feel sort of proud in our achievements whereas in truth it’s just the ploy that we all have fallen for.

And I would further state that those in actual power use the name of super powers to rule over the world and thus reducing the empires or the countries to nothing but mere puppets.

Sadly many don’t realize this and am not here to prove my point. People can accept or reject and so I will leave it on time to reveal what’s the real truth!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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