The actual purpose of Hijab!

What is the actual purpose of hijab?
The actual purpose is to avoid attracting others by not exposing your beauty and your adornments that beautify you especially before those who fall under the bracket of non mahrams (who are not among your first circle of relatives).

Your first circle of relatives are your parents, your parents own brothers, your own brothers, your spouse, your sons, parents of your spouse and all those who fall in the same line of ascendants and descendants i.e. Grand parents and great grandparents and grand children and great grand children in that line respectively. So these are relatives based on blood and by marriage before whom one can be without hijab.

People get attracted mainly by four things;
1. Beauty of the face,
2. Beauty of the body structure,
3. Beauty in the way you talk and walk,
4. Beauty of the things that you wear.

Hence all these are the things that need hijab to cover and conceal and not reveal except only when necessary.

So hijab holistically means not only covering but also, once you cover, it means how you talk and how you behave!

Note – Hijab is also there for men in the way they see, look and behave but in a slightly different way than the women.

May Allah guide us all to understand the meaning of the hijab and its reason so that we can implement it effectively in our lives.

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim



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