The two faced world!

World is always divided between two; one good and the other bad, one peaceful and the other violent, one vocal and the other silent, and one bold and the other meek. But whenever one stood up the other is always seen to take a stand opposite.

If people begin to speak against injustice then why question why they didn’t speak before. There are raising their heads at least now, why do people want to smother those heads back to the ground?

If this continues then we will never have a society that will fight for injustice and raise concerns over oppression in any form. Welcome the new change, and be a part for the change rather than dwelling in the past and crying “why didn’t you do it before?” Coz before every incident there would be one more incident and so in that case the argument will never settle.

Solutions never come by wasting time over the past doings rather it comes only when we do things in present without worrying about the future, coz the knowledge of future lies only in the hands of Our Maker!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim



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