Deceptive technology and hardened hearts!

Somewhere in times of revolution and technology taking it’s place in this world, we Muslims have failed in obeying our Maker. And that’s the reason we see our hearts have also hardened that we hardly see the truth and our hearts don’t even move when any verse from the Quran is recited. The masajids have become lofty like mansions but the soul has lost somewhere.

We all need to get back our souls in the worship of our Lord who deserves every bit of our respect and He deserves our Salah in the best manner and not those kind of Salah where our minds wander and sometimes even our body, disturbing others.

We fail to recognize the blessings and also have failed to recognize our Creator who is our Rab, as money and materialistic things have taken their place in our hearts. And these are nothing but deception and yet we see not. We may utter by our lips but the heart knows what it yearns for!

May Allah protect us from such deception and guide us to recognize our Rab in a way that our heart pours when we hear the verses from the Quran and every inch of our soul wants to obey and worship our Lord in a way that befits our Maker!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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