The Ark of Noah!

The story of Noah from the Qur’an is a beautiful reminder for all of us.

When we look into this history, we all must understand that the disbelievers, at the time of Noah (peace be upon him), were all wiped out from the face of this earth by the command of Allah. In the end, there were only few believers who were left on this earth and we are all actually descendents from those believing few!

Yet what we see today is that people got deviated again, divided themselves and have spread total corruption (faith, moral, ethical and monetary) on this earth.

Thus, we have again reached a stage where the disbelievers are in large number today. Add to that we do have many name-sake believers as well but then it’s just numbers to be counted and actually have no meaning. They are no where near to the actual believers like those who passed before us and lived and died as Muslims!

The story of Noah comforts and teaches us to be patient at tough times, especially in these days. It’s a lesson for those who laugh and mock at the Muslims for their faith and belief and for the rituals or rules they practice be it the salah, hijab, polygamy, divorce etc.

Know that very soon those who used to laugh and mock will be laughed upon. Know that very soon the corruption on this earth will end and the justice will be restored. Know that very soon the oppressive rule will be overtaken and peace will be established.

Now that’s how history has been and has shown!

Nothing is permanent in this world – neither me nor you, neither the rule of today nor the previous rules of Kings and Oppressors.

What is permanent is only Allah, Our Maker!

He erases what He wills and establishes what pleases Him!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


Click on the link to watch the video!

Beautiful description of the Ark of Noah from the Qur’an!

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