Deen – The Gift from Allah!

The biggest gift which our Maker has given to us is our Deen. He has given it to us as a blessing and a mercy so we know how to live in this world and how to worship Him alone!

But sadly today we don’t see this as a gift but as a burden.

Why do we see it as a burden?

Have u pondered?

Just coz it comes in the way of our sinful means of short-lived fun!

Yes! For our whims and desires we take this gift as burden and for granted. And to top it up, we now see many so-called intellectuals demanding that Islam needs to be modified. It is like telling someone whose giving u a gift that hold on let me change the gift.

Is this how arrogant we become?

Let me be clear that I don’t condone the wrong cultural practices and I firmly stand that it needs to be eradicated, as it is not from Islam.

So the Deen which our Creator himself has completed it for us and gave it as a gift, we now have the audacity to say it must be modified. Ain’t we following in the footsteps of Iblees? In fact we are trying to be more worse than Iblees. Coz Iblees only told that he is better than Adam (عليه سلم) but the humans today want to say and show they are better than Allah! Naudhubillah (I seek refuge in Allah).

Unfortunately, we have now reached a stage where we mention Allah and His messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) people get offended but if we mention anything other than that then we are very happy to hear and implement. That’s how sad & pitiful we have become that we no longer love to hear Allah and His messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) but love to hear the filthy, shameful and sinful deeds that each one does.

And we have not restrained ourselves till that but also have started propagating the same through social media!

Is that how silly a human has become today?

© Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim





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