The dire warning!

Surah Al-Jinn (The Jinn): Chapter 72 from the Qur’an!

In this surah Allah is trying to teach us through the events what the Jinns felt when they heard the glorious Qur’an. Their initial reaction was simply an exclamation of being a wonder. No doubt this is so marvelous of a piece that only Allah could create!

The Jinns say that the Qur’an teaches us to believe & worship Allah alone and guides us to the right path. It also teaches that our lord is exalted in nobleness and He has not taken a wife or son!

But the humans & Jinn have lied against none other than Allah himself and these outrageous comments about Allah having a son is just an utter lie.

Allah also informs about many people who had taken the refuge of Jinns, but were only left to be misguided. And like how they thought that God would never raise anyone from dead and even we humans think the same but to realize only when struck with reality. So the Jinns say that among us some are righteous and others are less and we all follow different paths. And when they heard the guidance of Allah through the Qur’an they believed in it and whoever believes in Allah he will be protected and will not fear of any burden. Thus among them are Muslims who submit to the will of Allah and also there are those who are unjust. And whoever submits to the will of Allah has found the right path. But there is warning for those who are unjust and those are the ones’ who will be thrown in to hell fire as fuel into it!

Allah also gives glad tidings to those who take the right path & He would bless them with respite.

And then He reveals that Masjids are for Allah and so only become humble and invoke Allah alone coz that’s better for us. He also reminds us to say that Allah alone is the almighty to whom we pray and we don’t set up any partners unto Him. Say that neither good nor harm can befall on me unless Allah wills and we have no control over it.

Thus the messenger is delivering only the messages of Allah that which has been conveyed onto him. So obey Allah and his messenger and those who don’t obey will have hellfire as his permanent abode. This is a dire warning to those who don’t heed.

And what has been warned about, none in this world knows whether it’s near or far except for Allah; as He is the knower of all that is seen and unseen, the owner of All Knowledge.

And remember that Allah knows everything what u do and He takes account of everything. This in itself should be enough to actually stop us from doing sins in open and in secret!

© Dr.Nisar Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim





Video Source: Merciful Servant

Reciter: Omar Hisham Al Arabi

Beautiful recitation of Surah Al Jinn!

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