Wake up before being woken up!

Sadly this is the hope many Muslims fall back on. Whenever it comes about practicing Islam – the way it has to be practiced, then people rely it on their old age to do the same!

Now this is nothing but deception of this world and you are deceiving yourselves to only be woken up by the arrival of death. You are doing nothing but just procrastinating! Coz no one knows when death will come knocking at your door. So when there is no guarantee of life then how can you be so sure of getting into old age. Old age is not promised to anyone!

Just ponder over this, what if you have to die today? Are u prepared? Have u lived your life according to the commandments of Allah? Have u submitted to Allah and believed Him absolutely?

If incase all these questions still don’t bother you, then you can get back to sleep and enjoy the delusional dream of this world, only to be woken up by death to realize the true reason of existence on this earth. And death is guaranteed for each one of us.

Hence they say:

Life is a beautiful lie and death is a painful truth!



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