Iblees & the Deviated Way!

In this world, people are divided by two kinds of lenses by which they visualize this world. The first, as a slave of this World and the second, as a slave of the Maker.

For a slave of this world, all that is declared evil by Allah and His messengers seem as productive and progressive. On the other hand, the same for a slave of the Maker is repulsive and regressive!

The world and all it’s things that deceives one from being a slave of the Maker is actually an act of Iblees. As he has vowed to deceive every son of Adam until they go astray. His acts are only meant to lead us away from the straight path and get you into being disobedient to Allah.

Hence everything that appeals to you and makes you do deeds that take you out of the fold of Islam is actually an act of Iblees leading you further away from Allah.

Thus, in the name of Modernization do not get deceived and leave the teachings of the Prophet. In the name of Feminisation, do not go astray and reduce yourself to objects who are being objectified. And in the name of fashion, do not make yourself naked and lose your dignity!

Unfortunately, we are in a world where we have become a herd following a way of life where everything that’s haram has been made halal and all that is halal has been made haram. All the more, giving us an evidence of how much has Iblees deceived us into following this way of life.

Know, Satan is your enemy and he despises you and wants you to end up with Him in the everlasting world. Now it’s your choice, where you want to be…

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