Hayya-Alal-Falah:Come to Success!

Mankind today has become quite busy in this fast paced modern world. We are busy multitasking. We are so lost in this world that our only goal is to achieve success in this world. A success which is measured by the money you make, the status you gain and the things you buy!

Unfortunately in this race for worldly success, we often see that Muslims today do not want to answer the true call of success. And even if some do answer, their focus is never there, instead it’s more on the affairs of this world only.

As a mercy from Allah, we are reminded on a daily basis. Five times a day, a caller calls us, ‘Hayya-Alas-Salah’ & ‘Hayya-Alal-Falah’ – come to prayer & come to success respectively. But then, son of Adam doesn’t see that success. He sees success in only that which fills his stomach but then the irony is that no matter how much wealth he gets he never is satisfied!

May Allah help us to realise the true meaning of success. The success which is the greatest of all success for mankind. The success which is everlasting, permanent and perfect.

And so no matter what degree you attain or what money you make or the house you live or the car you drive, these are not the parameters of success.

Success is that when you submit to your Maker and you do your part in pleasing Him, that is the real parameter for success. And when you have attained His mercy then that’s your true success!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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