The way of Humans away from Scriptures!

The issue that almost all the major religions across the world are facing is that people themselves don’t follow their scriptures. They then get offended when things are being made known based on their practices in the name of religion. They resort to implement their religion based on the world we are in, where all that is wrong is made right and all that is right is considered wrong!

Our current practice of religion is based on what we are comfortable in coz we have begun to feel that we have developed and gone above our scriptures. So when we ourselves don’t practice our faith then how can we expect others to understand what actually our faith is?

When we don’t practice what our scriptures preach then please don’t accept that others would be willing to accept and implement what you follow.

And so, if we really want to seek truth then we must go back to our scriptures. Coz I have a firm belief that if each one goes back to his/her scriptures, then they will surely culminate into the truth that has been decreed on us by our Maker!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim




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