Deception of the AntiChrist!

From a rule based on faith in God, Europe went on to create eventually a rule based on a godless world!

Thus, it was all part of the plan when it decolonised it’s colonies. We all were deceived and we actually continue to be deceived that we got independence by our own merit but then, that wasn’t the case. It was all part of their agenda. They had already planted the seeds of a godless world. They then went another step ahead by transforming the money in order to gain complete control over the entire world.

Today they are successful in their agenda to rule the whole world indirectly. The antichrist always wanted the world to be deceived into Shirk. And today we have been deceived in a way that we haven’t even realised. Such is the deception of the modern western secular world, where it has replaced our Maker from being supreme & has entirely replaced His laws!

Everything that Allah made haram is halal today and everything that Allah made halal is under a process to be made haram.

May Allah protect us from the deception of the Antichrist.


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