Wake Up from slumber!

Unless we get back to Deen the way we should, till then the oppression on the ummah is bound to happen. We have disregarded Deen and agreed to everything that is haram as halal and then we expect mercy from Allah. We have got this upon ourselves due to our misdeeds. Allah won’t change our condition unless we change what is within ourselves!

Isn’t it time, that we begin to follow what is right and what was shown to us by the best of the example which Allah sent?

Isn’t it time, that we worship Allah and believe in Him the way we should?

Isn’t it time to submit to Allah rather than submitting to this world and our desires of this world?

Never forget this world is nothing but deception!

Awake, Arise, Aim and Act to be a believer who submits to Allah alone! Unless we submit we can never be true believers and unless we completely believe then how will Allah’s mercy fall on us?

Remember our belief depends on our actions and our actions depend on our intention. So unless we get all three right, we can never please Allah!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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