The modern world agenda and propaganda!


Assuming there are around 2 billion Muslims worldwide and as per majority who claim that all Muslims are terrorists, especially by the right wing groups, then let me tell u that even if we take around 1 lakh people indulging in terrorism then that’s less than 0.01% of those involved in such acts. So if all the 2 billion had to get into terrorism and blow themselves up then there would be no place in the world to exist. And if Islam was such an aggressive religion then why we had to wait for so many years to start such a propaganda, which began only in the last century. There was a time when Islam was ruling the majority of the regions and so they could have easily converted everyone into Muslims by force using the sword, as the protagonists claim! It’s a tale which is so old and has lost its steam long ago but still some intellectual morons persist & preach the same to the ignorant fools who then spew their venom of hatred on innocent people.

It’s so immature and imbecile of those to consider all Muslims as terrorists. In fact they are just slaves who act on the commands of their wicked masters and these masters are the main culprits. They do this only to bolster their agenda and ulterior motives using the name of their religion and considering Hindh region belonging to them only!

Having said that, there is another twist to the tale. It’s their hypocrisy only where they attach only Muslims with the word ‘terrorists’ whereas in reality terrorists mean those who instill fear in the civilians using unlawful means for their political gains. Today these right wings are instilling fear in the people in the name of their religion, which is actually less of religion but more of political aspirations. They are quite far away from what their religion teaches just like many of the Muslims are away from the teachings of Islam today. And I have said this many a times before, that Muslims are targeted and Islam was maligned just to gain access in the middle east for the oil resource and for the political ambitions of the west to dominate the world. Yet, we see many people believe in a theory which benefits them whereas in reality those using the name of Islam and killing innocent lives are nothing but mercenaries who work for money alone. Even if we see what’s happening in Kashmir, it’s only sinister to see that some set of media and the political parties are trying to portray as fight for Islam but when in reality even they know it’s only fight for a region, for the land. It’s a dispute between three factions of people who are trying to gain the land. It’s nothing but just a plain fight to gain access to the land which has been reduced from all sides to an extent that humanity is the only victim for each ones selfish gains and aspirations.

I will also reiterate that those who killed people inhumanly in the past be it from any religion as rulers or dictators were nothing but tyrants and none of the tyrants before or in future will ever have a good end. They are nothing but despicable humans who will be punished here as well as in the hereafter. And those who claim that such & such kings or rulers killed people in the name of religion are nothing but fooling themselves cause they killed only for their personal gains and due to their cruel & sadistic nature.

Hence I ask the people what do u actually need from this world, a place to live peacefully and please your Maker or a place to acquire and then dominate on others, in the bargain harm the future of our kids and the generations to come next.

Ultimately the choice is yours! And whatever has to happen will happen and we will face whatever comes in our way coz one day me and you have to die, be it today or tomorrow!!

© Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim





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