The story of Twins!

A beautiful conversation of unborn twins inside the mother’s womb. It would actually give each one of us a deep insight about this life and the next.

So let’s begin, inside the mother’s womb;

One baby asks the other: “Do you believe in life after from this place?”

The other baby replies: “No, it’s all your myth. There is nothing like that. We just enjoy and chill here. That’s it.”

The first baby replies: “No, I believe it does! I feel there is more light in that place than here. May be we will walk with our legs, touch with our hands, eat through our mouths and breathe through our lungs. We will do many things there, which cannot be done here.”

So the second baby retorted: “Are you out of your mind? There is nothing like that. This is the only world we are going to be in. What walking! Walking is impossible and eating with mouths, we are getting our food through this umbilical cord. And going out from here? The umbilical cord is too short for all that jargon of yours!”

“No, I believe there is something in store for us. Something which we haven’t yet seen or heard about!”, the first replied.

Then the second baby claimed; ” No one has ever gone there whom I know or has come back to tell, if there is any life there? I only know that after this, it will be the end of our lives. So till then enjoy whatever you have & forget everything else.”

But then the first baby was adamant; “Even then I feel and believe in life after. And I agree we haven’t seen anyone who came back to share. May be that’s how it has been planned. But anyways I believe, I will see someone (mother) who will take care of us!”

So the other immediately snorted back; ” Yeah Now u will see mother. Where? Don’t be so illogical. There is nothing like that. I don’t see her anywhere, show me where is she!”

In the end, the first baby replied;”You can make fun of me but I believe there is reality waiting for us and we are here only for a short time to prepare for the next life to face the truth of our lives!”

And then finally one day, the two get delivered and they start seeing everything what they had discussed. They saw their mother, they are fed by their mouths and they are breathing with their lungs and after a while they began walking and running and doing all that which once was just a thought (belief) for one and a joke (disbelief) for the other.

Now this is exactly how life in this world is where we are! We often do not believe in the life after and tend to mock those who believe that. We have got so busy in this life today that we hardly think about the reason for our existence and where are we headed next?

We are blinded by the things around coz this world in itself is a deception. Allah has said in the Quran that He gave us life and will give us death. We will all return to Him for the judgement, where He will decide which among us are the best souls, who believed absolutely in Him alone as God and did duties which He commanded through His prophets.

Now that we are living in the last stages of this life on earth, we have been sent with the commandments of our Creator through the blessed of all prophets, the last and the final Prophet (ﷺ). So it’s only natural that we follow the commandments of the prophet (ﷺ), coz Allah sent him as a messenger to only show us the right path – to recognise our Maker and to worship Him alone.

Lastly and more importantly, whether to walk on it or to leave it, that’s only upon us to choose.

Know that it can never be forced upon others. To each is his own!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim



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