What are you doing to please your Maker?

This question is the essence and crux of our life in this world but sadly that’s the question which is the least or in fact never asked!

It all begins when a child is born, when most of the parents already decide whether the child will become a doctor, engineer or in these days a celebrity, where reality shows are so common that a child is reduced to nothing but a television commodity! And then they perpetuate an illness which is the mother of all sickness i.e. comparing with other babies around; when did her baby speak? Or why has not your baby begun walking when the other baby has? Or why the other baby has good hair growth and not mine? Or the other baby is very thin or very fat. This is how we begin with our children from their early days sowing the seeds of comparison instead of compassion; envy and jealousy instead of acceptance and tolerance. We never try to teach them what’s our actual role in the world and the importance of doing things to please our Maker but we are more focused on teaching to please the world rather than doing things that please themselves. The days of innocence are kicked out before we actually begin to know what innocence is!

And then when they get to school and college it’s all about what’s your rank? How much you scored? Till date I didn’t find anyone asking what have you done to please your Maker or are you doing things to please your Maker? It’s all about to please others by getting first in class or scoring above the other guy but parents don’t realize that only one can come first and not all are same. So we start deviating the children by pushing them to the extremes that they end up getting into wrong things or end up committing suicide, when they are not able to bear it anymore.

But then life has to move on, so among them many graduate and then it’s all about when are you going to complete your post-graduation? What happened to your job? How much will you earn? Then we get involved in all these things that almost our one-third of our life gets over and yet we don’t hear anyone asking, “what have you done to please your Maker?” On the contrary, it’s all about what have we done to please the world!

The same saga continues when the jobs are done but now in the form of marriage in each ones’ life. This time again it’s all about what job are you doing? How much are you earning? And what’s your lifestyle and class in the society? Yet the ears never hear, “what have you done to please your Maker”, while we are all busy selecting our spouses!

All our lives we then focus on building our career and looking after our family, that time runs quickly and before we realize we are almost getting close to our end days of this world. Sadly, even then this heart very rarely questions what have I done to please my Maker. Let alone somebody else asking us the same!

In the end, we all die and I really think if at all, on the things that we wasted our entire life, will any of those matter in our graves? Did we actually do what we were supposed to do in this journey of life? Or we have just passed on our time without bothering much of our existence and our Maker. Did we find out our true Maker and worshipped Him the way that pleases Him alone? All these questions are meaningful to ponder on, when am alive but would be of no use, if I ask these questions when I am in my grave!

I have been yearning to hear those words from those who genuinely care for me and will ask me about what I have done to please my Maker. That is because pleasing our Maker is what we are all here for, to achieve the true success in the journey of a soul. But unfortunately what I see is, people only worried about what I have done to secure this worldly life and what I have done to please the world around me!

Life still goes on but I have decided to change this for me, by myself, and for my children. And so ultimately, life has now become all about pleasing my Maker! And if u teach and instill this in your kids from their childhood, then no matter what they do, they will always have the fear and hope of Allah which will only make them better Muslims and will also end up making them better humans. Coz u need to be a good human to be a good Muslim.

So if u agree, then go ahead and ask yourself and your kids what have u done to please your Maker? But in case you do not agree, then you can go back to sleep and continue doing what you have been doing and don’t bother about the subject!

I really hope one day or the other, this will actually resonate in each ones’ heart and will make their hearts soft and begin to work towards their main goal of pleasing Allah, our Maker.

May we all can work in the best possible way to walk on the straight path.

Alhamdulillah – All Praises to Allah!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim






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