Is He who creates like the one who does not create?

Unfortunately man is so arrogant that he has forgotten the blessings that Allah bestows on the mankind!

Yet Allah being the Most Merciful, He tries to remind us by admonishing us in the most beautiful way. But then, we are lost and we have adopted the deviated path. And in our ignorance, we have ended up associating Allah with those who do not create.

Beautiful admonition of mankind by Allah, our Creator! Click to know.

So Allah asks us in Surah Nahl (The Bee), the 16th chapter of the Qur’an in verse 17: ❝Then is He who creates like the one who does not create? So will you not be reminded?❞

Aren’t we ashamed of ourselves that we associate partners with Allah with those who cannot create even a fly?

We set partners with Allah with so many things such as humans who are alive or dead.

We set partners with idols which are created by us only.

We set partners with Allah as protectors by believing in thread, sticks, stones and kohl marks on our children.

Know that there is no power and might except with Allah. Yet will you not believe in Him absolutely and submit and seek from Him alone?

May Allah guide us by His mercy alone and continue to bestow us with His blessings!


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