Return of Jesus!

We are moving very fast towards the return of Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him). And once he is back the truth shall be out on each one’s face glaring at them and making them understand whether they were right or wrong.

Even then, I fear that the so called super powers of today might declare him as a ‘terrorist’, coz he will be a threat to their supremacy in this world!

And when he returns the world order will change and it is he who will rule this entire world and establish peace and justice for a period of time that Allah has decided and then we will soon see the end of this world to go on to the next stage.

And the next stage will be the day of judgement i.e. the day of our deeds, in the worldly language the day of our result of what we did and how we lived our life in this world. And remember each one will be held responsible for what he did and there will be no excuse for anyone of us that the question was out of syllabus!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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