Can humans today be just?

This question keeps ringing in my head a lot and so I have tried to contemplate on this topic and have come to a conclusion that humans who think based on boundaries separated by borders, religion, caste, creed, race and wealth can never be just on their decisions. The reason being, each one has to stick behind his country, state, community, family he or she belongs to and lastly by himself. And so in this era where everything is restricted by one thing or the other, I don’t think we can actually find such a human being.

So what we do incase we need to be just? This question is normal to arise for those who actually feel that being just is very important in the current world but they are unable to do so. Prior to that, we must know what’s right and wrong in order to be just. Coz what one person thinks right can be wrong for the other and so can be vice-versa. So it’s actually impossible to take into consensus of all humans on what is right and what is wrong!

Thus, it’s quite natural but at the same time difficult for many to comprehend or agree with, that the only person who can decide what’s right and wrong is the one who has made us and that’s none but our Creator. His rules will always be the best and the most just. And one who follows His rules and submits to Him alone will never differentiate or be biased with what’s right or wrong, come what may! That’s the character of a true believer. And one who is a true believer will always be a just person coz a true believer is not bound by anything. He only belongs to his Maker and is bounded by Him alone.

Let me be clear it can so happen that u might agree or disagree with me and that’s entirely ur choice. And u have every right to have one. So let’s agree to disagree incase u differ from me.

Lastly just a piece of advice, if u want u can take it or leave it.

Do think deeply about it, u might reach to the same conclusion, if Allah wills!

© Dr.Nisar Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim




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