Common misconceptions of Fasting!

There are so many misconceptions which are very common among Muslims about fasting. Let me try to put things into perspective so that it can benefit one and all!

First we need to understand what is ‘Fasting’

Fasting means to abstain ourselves completely during the daylight hours from food, drink, anger, foul speech and evil actions (which are more often part of anger) and lastly abstaining from sexual intercourse.

Point to be noted that foul language is not expected from a Muslim on any given time be it while fasting or even when not fasting but it has been added as a caution coz if we use foul language or do evil things then our fasts might not be accepted by our Maker, Our Rab – Allah!

Things that break the fast:

1.Deliberately Eating or Drinking

2.Sexual Intercourse

3.Deliberately vomiting

4.Any nutritional injection



7.Cupping/Blood Transfusion/Major bleed

Things that don’t break the fast:

1.Accidentally eating or drinking.

2.Brushing teeth/ Using Siwaak

3.Having a shower

4.Swallowing saliva

5.Using creams and perfumes

6.Vomiting unintentionally

7.Minor bleeds

8.Medical diagnostic tests

These are the common ones which many get confused with. So have enlisted the same. Rest if you have any doubts they you can always check with the Mufti’s or Imams in your local areas or from the sources – Books of Sahih Hadith.

May Allah help us to understand the nitty-gritty of our way of life (Deen) that Allah has bestowed on us as a gift. He has made it easy for us to follow and so do not overburden yourself due to your own waswas (insinuating whispers). As much of the waswas is due to the whisper of shaytan especially with regards to purity and worship of Allah!

©Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim




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