Look to do good for the sake of your Maker alone!

Beware Satan manipulates your good deeds, such that you do good but don’t reap any benefit!

This is because he makes you fall in to show off. And show off indeed snatches the good in what you do.

So my advice would be-

Do not stop your good deeds because Satan creates doubt in your heart. But instead, make that doubt as your aid to do everything for the sake of Allah!

No matter what, do not stop your good deeds but fight to not do those acts for something else other than our Maker!

Another beautiful advice from one of the good scholars around. Thought would benefit here.

The pearl of advice is:

When you are going to do anything wrong or that which is sin, then think this is that sin which will take me to Hell; then إنشاءاللهyou won’t commit that sin.

And wen you do that which is good, then think this is the deed that will take me into paradise; thus you will always commit good إنشاءالله.

And then that deed will only be for the sake of Allah, coz you remembered your hereafter!

May Allah guide us to identify the devil and it’s tactics. May Allah always keep us on the straight path.




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