Today’s pastime – the three evils!

Don’t waste your time in gossiping, backbiting and spreading lies. These are the three evils which has become a favourite pastime of people today.

Unfortunately, people are submerged in such sins to such an extent that their whole body is drowned in it. Day in and day out, they just want to talk and spread tales about what others do and that too in a way that will hurt or offend them, if they were present. It has become a means of passing time and one who doesn’t do it is considered boring, ironically.

What does it matter to you about what they eat, what they wear, what they do and what gold and wealth they have. As long as Allah feeds them with whatever they can afford and they are thankful to Allah for it, you shouldn’t be bothered. Unless, u wish to help them by being good and by not talking about them in a way that it would hurt them.

Point to be noted – If one speaks in general about the wrongs that are happening in a society as a means to make people aware and protect themselves and their family then then that is fine. But if it’s done to promote sins then that is wrong. The truth about a particular person should never be concealed when we are sought for advice especially for business transactions or for marriages. But be sure of what u say and do not go just by heresay, as that can lead to transgression.

May Allah bestow us with wisdom in such matters and never rush to make opinions or be harsh on others!

Remember to always give benefit of doubt to others and think good about them. This will keep our hearts in ease or else we will be drowned in melancholy in this life!


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