Islam – A religion with no change!

It’s only unfortunate that people today assume Islam to be represented by various other things than the actual thing!

And hence people take Islam based on their convenience, what suits them and their situation the best.

Know that Islam is not represented by any country today especially the so-called gulf countries.

Islam is not represented by only the beard that you keep.

Islam is not represented by only the hijab that you wear.

Islam is not represented by any particular moulana or scholar or imam.

Islam is not represented by any Tom, Dick and Harry who wants to modernise and westernise Islam by making things that are lawful as unlawful and vice versa.

Islam is only represented by ‘Qur’an & Sunnah’.

So let that be etched in your minds forever.

The more closer you are to the rules and laws of the Qur’an and the way of the sunnah, the more it represents Islam.

Islam can be represented only by submission to Allah.

And Islam represents only for itself which is nothing but the Haq & the truth!

So please remove these dogmas, which state that just because so and so country has changed then you too must modify to get yourselves westernised. That one must change with time and adopt the corrupt practices, in order to survive in this world. That when everything else can change then why not Islam?

Know that Islam will never change. People may change but Islam will always be what it was revealed-like till the end of the world. If you want to change then that is entirely up to you but get it instilled in your tiny brains & corrupted hearts that Islam will never change, period.


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