Fear Allah!

Quran 4:131

And We have instructed those who were given the Scripture before you and yourselves to fear Allah

It’s a clear verse of the Qur’an. And there is no doubt that a believer must always fear Allah and that has been conveyed by all the prophets to their nations, as commanded by Allah!

Yet we see people disagree and say that Deen Islam is without the fear of Allah!

Yet we see people say that one must not remind them about death but only speak about good things of this worldly life!

Yet we see people getting angry and upset when warned about the hell-fire!

Know that it’s Allah who has created us and He knows what is best for us more than ourselves!

So fear Allah – coz having fear of Him will only increase your taqwa. And taqwa is all what you need to achieve the levels of Ihsan (excellence in Deen), after believing in our Rab (Lord)

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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