Difference between Humanity and Faith in Islam?

Humanity means u do good to others without any reason, just to do good. It’s just a basic human quality which if you have and implement will get you good, only in this world!

Whereas Faith consists of Iman, Islam & Ihsan. Iman means belief, belief in One Allah (Creator) & belief is the internal aspect. Islam means way of life, the acts or deeds which u put into practice with acts of humanity being a small part of it and so Islam is the external aspect. And Ihsan means to reach excellence by combining your internal and external aspects.

The Quran mentions: Iman accompanied by righteous deeds will take you to true success, i.e. Paradise and that’s the criteria which Allah has decreed on humans. So Iman is one that’s inner part of faith and Islam is its outer part of faith and one that gets both to work in tandem is Ihsan which then helps u to reach higher levels of excellence in worshipping by working on our intention, actions & deeds!

So that’s the difference! That is why just having humanity is considered a basic quality of a human but to be a Muslim we must have all three qualities Iman, Islam & Ihsan.

Sadly we hardly get to see all these qualities together in an individual in today’s world but I hope & pray that we all can change that coz unless we change ourselves Allah will not change our conditions!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim



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