Know the contract that you agreed upon!

Yet people continue persisting with their sins thinking that Allah is merciful and will forgive us without we doing anything for it, just like that!

And then there are many who have accepted their sinful life as a norm and deny their acts as sins outrightly, stepping into arrogance from their ignorance in that matter.

Let us not forget when we accepted Islam- the Deen of Allah, we have accepted a covenant or contract which makes us to submit to Him alone and obey His commandments i.e. to do our deeds based on His rulings and not in the way the world today considers as right.

Don’t u think the contract that we have accepted with Allah needs more due diligence than the worldly contract that we sign for our jobs or any other matter! That doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be committed to our other affairs. As a Muslim, one must always be aware of what is right and wrong. He must be honest and truthful and never deceive anyone. We must not neglect our main duty in this world i.e. to worship Allah and be dutiful to Him. Worshipping Allah and obedience to Him must always be our priority in our lives.

This is because, on the day of judgement, you will be by your own. No father will help a son nor a son will help his father. Each one will be there on behalf of themselves and will be willing to do anything to just get away from the hell fire.

So fear Allah now and walk on the straight path. Don’t be lost in the glamour of this world, it’s nothing but a deception. Life of this world is nothing but a sweet lie and death is the bitter truth. And know that none is aware when that day will come except Allah. Indeed, the truth from Allah will definitely descend upon all of us. So make the most when you have the time here or else you will regret when u reach the point of no return!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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