Surah Al Kahf – The lessons for mankind!

There are four stories which are nothing but four trials for us in this world, namely;
1. Trial of Faith
2. Trial of Wealth
3. Trial of Knowledge
4. Trial of Power

All of the mankind are tested with these trials just to find out who among us are the best slaves of Allah; who, no matter what, stay strong on their faith and are always grateful to Allah for the bounties that He bestows by His mercy. One must know that every good that happens is by Allah’s mercy alone!

Ultimately these are the lessons that we learn from this powerful chapter of the Qur’an:

To believe in Allah and His power and to be among His righteous slaves by bearing patience and being tolerant.

To be always thankful to Allah. At any given point of time, we are what we are only because of Him.

To not be arrogant about one’s knowledge or wealth that one possesses. Remember it’s Allah who gives and it’s He alone who takes it away.

To be always humble and know that it’s Allah’s mercy alone that we all are dependent on, in this world and hereafter.

May Allah guide us to be among the righteous slaves of His and be always grateful to Him!



Beautiful recitation of Surah Al-Kahf with English subtitles

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