The purpose of life!

#ThePurposeOfLife #TheWorshipOfTheOne

Man today has replaced his main purpose of life with a means of survival on this Earth!

The main purpose of a human is to worship the Creator without associating any partners unto Him while seeking for livelihood is just a means of survival on this Earth.

Know that your Rizq (sustenance) has been decreed before you were even born. That doesn’t mean you aren’t supposed to seek for the livelihood but instead it means do not worry much over that which is decreed. It also means not to get engrossed in it so much, that you lose track of your main purpose on Earth.

So you work hard to look for a livelihood but you do not compromise in seeking a livelihood that goes against Islam and also makes you drift away from the main task that you have as a Muslim i.e. to worship Allah alone and to be in submission to Him.

It’s unfortunate to see many Muslims today who have lost themselves in the world of materialism that their whole life is only about gaining worldly degrees and jobs that will enable them to taste the wealth of this world and make a name on this Earth.

They have lost their main purpose of this life and instead have made this rat race as their main goal for which they are even ok to stop worshipping Allah, neglect their Salahs and get into a zone that’s Haram.

It’s saddening to see that people aspire for a such a life and dedicate their whole life into it. And then claim that they are doing good by enabling themselves to help people.

Remember helping people is one thing. But that help, without the belief and submission to Allah might yield some good in this world but not in the hereafter. You haven’t done that for which you were sent on this Earth in the first place. So then how do you expect for that which you haven’t worked and believed? Coz saying you believe isn’t enough until you walk on the path.

So expecting from Allah without having that belief in Allah and the hereafter is like being Al-Aajiz who works and toils hard to seek for the life before death and does nothing for the life after death and yet expects from Allah for good in the hereafter.

Thus, whatever good you might have done stands no value in the hereafter without the belief in Allah and the hereafter. It will be just washed away in the desert sand. So it might appear to you of having done a lot in this world but it’s only a mirage. In reality, it’s just dust that will only blind your eyes!

May Allah protect us from such a life and such an end!

May Allah help us prioritise our lives, guide us to understand our main purpose on Earth and then help us implement the life of submission by having absolute belief in Him and the hereafter.


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