We are in a fix!

Today we are all in a fix!

We are in a situation where the world seem to have stopped suddenly, whilst we were enjoying our glamorous progressive world.

We are slowly realising the difficulties of being locked down.

The misery of going through a sickness.

The fear of contracting such a disease.

The agony of not being able to do much in order to protect our near and dear one’s.

And the state of man being weak and helpless, who was once so proud and arrogant of his modern world prowess.

The death of many humans through a virus which sees no rich, poor, healthy, weak or the elite few must be a lesson for all of us that indeed we weren’t created to be here always.

We humans have become arrogant over our achievements and advancements. We think that we can rule everything on this Earth and beyond, no matter how much we abuse this Earth and our fellow humans!

It’s time we realise that what we are facing and what we will face in future is only due to our own doing.

It’s time to ponder and to really think where are we heading as mankind and what are we trying to achieve.

It’s time that we mend our ways!


Video source: Towards Eternity

A letter from the oppressed to the world!

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