Not in the name of Islam!

Wake up! Oh you who believe and protect yourselves from allegations of Love Jehad by implemeting the true rulings of Islam!

We must take a note that Islam prohibits things from its root. Allah warns us in the Quran not to follow the footsteps of Shaytan. There is a great wisdom behind this statement. If one understands that, then many of the prohibitions in Islam can be understood easily. When Allah says do not follow the footsteps, it means Allah is saying that beware of each step that will lead to sin. We have been prohibited to interact with non-mahrams except in cases of necessity or help. And hence it is totally restricted to chat unnecessary things with them or mingle or stare at them or even shaking hands is prohibited in Islam. That is because Islam instills prohibitions from the roots so that we don’t end up in to major sins.

One must remember that Islam was sent for the whole of mankind and not based on one person. As one can claim, “What big deal, I can control my desires and be alone with a woman and not do or get any unlawful desires at all.” But then, not all humans are same. So the ground rules were set for all by our Maker.

People getting attracted to a pretty woman is common, and so if u happen to interact u will naturally fall for the way she talks and acts. So for a Muslim it’s prohibited and hence it’s advised to stay away from non-mahram. And mahrams for a believer has been decided by Allah and so it’s not that which I have created by my own. So please don’t take offense.

And Allah is the most wise and He knows what He has created and so are His rules!

And do understand that there is no forceful conversion in Islam. It’s totally prohibited to either use force or coercive methods or emotional tactics. Don’t forget we are not here to make people follow what we follow or believe in. Our job is to implement first and then pass the message more importantly with your actions and behavior. If they find truth in it, they will accept on their own. Remember that’s not your goal to make everyone accept what you follow. Coz each one has been given freedom to choose for themselves!

And don’t forget it’s Allah’s will and He guides whom He wills and He knows who among us is the righteous and believes in Him alone! Don’t u think had He willed would anyone not accept it? Hence do not transgress and focus on ur deeds and please your Maker alone!

Hence I ask all of you those who believe, do u really want the modern world to blame Islam because of our wrong doings. Do u think it’s worth it? Can’t we stay away from the prohibitions by staying away from the non-mahrams so they will never get a chance to accuse u and in turn never ever get a chance to malign Islam because of our wrong doings!

Isn’t it time to get back to the basics and implement it the way the prophet (ﷺ) taught us?

Isn’t it time to restrain our desires?

Isn’t it time to please Allah, our Creator by obeying Him?

Ask Yourselves!

©Dr.Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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