Misconception between Quran and Science!

It’s amazing to see that there are some people who think that all scientific know-how were discovered prior to the arrival of Quran and hence there is nothing great about it being mentioned in the Quran. Even for the sake of argument if I agree to them, let me clarify that Quran didn’t come to establish science and technology. Neither it’s trying to establish itself in the light of science, coz it doesn’t need so. Science will never reach to that level such that it would surpass the knowledge in the Quran or the knowledge of our Almighty. Whatever knowledge mankind could gain is only by the permission and will of Allah, yet mankind is arrogant over it’s achievement!

We need to get this clear that Quran is nothing but the words of our Maker which is a complete guidance to mankind on how to live this life on this earth. While doing so, Allah asks us to ponder over His creation that is surrounding us and also gives an idea about the unseen world. Who else can explain the creation than the one who created it in the first place. So if science works on assumptions and probability then Quran is simply the dictum. Science can go wrong and falter but Allah, the Almighty will never. His perfection is devoid of any error. That is Allah, Our Creator – The Most Perfect!

Now Allah revealed all this to a man whom He chose as the last messenger and prophet to earth. So whatever was revealed to the prophet is what he uttered. He was not given permission to say a thing about Deen out of his own desires. Many have this notion that Islam is just a religion like any other but then that is not the case with Islam. Islam is a way of life which governs every aspect of our lives; be it our personal or social or political or economic aspect of each one’s life. Thus, a complete gift from our Maker which was sent as a mercy to humanity.

So Allah revealed all this to a man who didn’t know how to read and write and he had no connection with the scientific world. He was a man who grew up being a shepherd, like all the prophets before, so had no idea about science nor about others’ scriptures. He was a man who was truthful with a very good character and conduct, and he never worshiped the idols which were prevalent amidst his people in those times. He was the infallible one chosen by Allah to be the leader of the mankind. Such is our noble prophet, may peace and blessings be upon him.

It’s an irony that in today’s world, if a child aged 10 knows in and out of the software and coding industry, he will be recognised as a wonder but the very people will fail to recognise that what prophet revealed was also nothing less than a wonder for his time. So no one expected from a person at that time and place, especially who didn’t know how to read and write, to come with facts so accurate without any knowledge except that which Allah revealed. So we must realise that it was Allah’s wisdom alone to keep him that way.

In the end, no matter what we say and do, there will always be those who will consider science as the only measure of an intellectual and the way forward. In that case, I only say that’s good for you but we chose the path that all the prophets chose, to make this world as a need and use the time allotted to please Allah by living according to His rules. None of the prophets claimed to make science as their goal in life be it Abraham, Moses, Jesus or our own prophet (peace be upon him). But if u feel and insist that science is only the best way, then I reiterate that it’s good for people who think that way! Being a Muslim, our belief is such that whatever Allah does is good and can never be bad and wrong and the same goes for our scriptures. We don’t find anything bad in Quran and one who does that, then it means he ain’t a believer. Coz a believer has no doubts over his God and His messenger!

Now that is a belief of a believer and that is what we are being tested here in this world. Our belief has to be exemplified by our thoughts, words and actions; and not mere verbally. Just by saying we believe in God and if our actions go against the Creator himself by association of partners to Him in the form of anything – be it idols or humans or science or even our own brain or by doubting on Him and His scriptures, then make no mistake, we have failed in this test!

May Allah help us to recognise our true Maker and help us find the true reason of our existence on this earth.

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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