Death – A Painful Truth!

Don’t run away from this truth but prepare for it. As it’s due and verily it has to come to each one of us. None can shy away from that. When it comes, no matter wherever you are and no matter how many security guards u hire, it will just come and take u by surprise!

Prepare for it, oh! you who believe! Prepare to meet the one who created us, Allah – the one who made us all and sent to this world as a test to test each one of us who among us are truthful and who worshipped Him alone and didn’t associate partners unto Him. Partners in any form be it a human or wealth or non-living objects or ur degrees or ur own brain!

Everything will be counted as partners that u associated with Him because of which u failed to recognize Him and obey Him; instead obeyed ur vain desires!

Know what ur about to face and what is in store in the hereafter so we can be more cautious and not waste this life given to us.

May Allah guide us to know the truth of this life and prepare to face this painful truth that is guaranteed!


Video source: The Daily Reminder

Click on the link to watch the video

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