Where is Allah?

This has been creating a lot of furore and divide even among the Muslims. ‘Where is Allah?’- is perhaps something that each one must know as a believer but then the answer must be restricted to that what is actually known through the messengers.

The answer to the question is that Allah is above everything. He is above the seven heavens and over His arsh (throne). He has established himself in a way that befits His Majesty. He sends down His mercy and blessings to us and our deeds go above to reach Him. He is Al-Muheet, the One who encompasses over all things. And he is beyond our comprehension!

Kindly click on the link below to understand from the sources of revelation and from the Hadith of the prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم).

We must always remember in matters such as these we only take that which Allah has revealed through the blessed messenger (صلى الله عليه وسلم) and we should refrain from adding anything from our end, coz that can lead to a sin or lie against Allah. So we only know as much as Allah has revealed about it and nothing more.

Imam Malik (May Allah have mercy on him) has put it in a very beautiful and apt manner: Istawa is known i.e. Allah establishing over the throne is known but the ‘how’ (kayf) part of it is unknown. So asking about it is innovation and believing in it is obligatory (as it is part of revelation).

Hence we take that and believe it in what Allah has said coz that is an obligatory part of Iman and we do not add anything or try to assume from our intellect, which is far less, in what way Allah establishes himself over the throne coz that will end up in false attribution or bidah.

Now that’s the wisdom of Allah alone that it suffices for a believer to accept what He has told and not to get deviated with such things.

And Allah knows best!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


Click on the link to know more about Where is Allah?

Video source: Rational Believer

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