‘Who is Allah?’

I stress a lot on this coz that is the core of our existence – to recognise Him and worship Him alone!

He is the only reason that we all are here. He is the only reason for us to go through the test, the trials and the tribulations of this life. He is the only reason that will help us to get the everlasting success and happiness.

So is it not the most important thing for us to know who our Creator is? To know how He is? To know what is He? And to know where is He?

Unless we have absolute faith and belief in Him, our acts render no meaning. Our salah(prayer) will just remain a ritual or exercise, wen we offer salah in a way that we hardly think about our Maker or focus on Him completely or give full attention to Him. Our thoughts wander around and even sometimes the parts of our body that we disturb ourselves and others as well.

I know it’s not easy but that is what our test is all about. The efforts that we do to know Him, understand His Majesty and trying to obey Him in all kinds of situation will only call upon His mercy on us.

Hence remember our deeds that we do are only to call upon His mercy and that alone will save each one of us.

May Allah guide us to understand and make our belief strong in Him, so we are always aware of Him in every action that we do.

© Dr.Nisar Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim



Click on the link to know more about Allah!


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