Beware of Fake News!


Unfortunately it has become a trend and people participate wholesale. The creation and spread of fake news is quite humongous in number these days.

There is a proper systematic approach into it where people in power and wealth are trying to show true as false and false as true. There is a narrative which is built around to convey a wrong as right and right as wrong!

And those who really have concerns have been shunned by asking where were you before and why didn’t you speak back then? It’s like if you haven’t spoken up back then, then you don’t have any right to speak now. What sort of nonsense and gibberish is that!

A man will speak whenever he feels concerned and troubled. And it’s his choice when and how he wants to express his concern. What right do you have to stop someone when he puts across what he feels and what is he going through. You cannot dictate when a person must pee, he will do so whenever he feels the urge. It’s that simple!

Sometimes it’s even so moronic when people ask, why he didn’t raise his voice back then? When in fact, the person might not even been born then or might be a small kid. They just simply want to bully and so behave like a thug!

It’s like asking the youth today, why didn’t you raise your voice during the time of the colonial rule of British when they were torturing your forefathers? If you didn’t raise back then, then you don’t have any right to claim of being oppressed today!

More so, it can also happen that a person might not even be at that post or office and they want them to answer for that as well. It just shows how vile and arrogant a man can get, when they ask such questions!

Ask questions but ask questions that are relevant to his concern. We need to understand their problem in order to solve it, and not give your own narration to it and be haste in spreading a wrong and fake news!

Beware of Fake news! Lest you would want to be regretful for your actions!

Stop becoming a gossip monger!

Stop spreading fake news and hatred!

Show empathy towards a concern!

© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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