You alone we worship and you alone we ask for help!

Even after reciting this verse 17 times on daily basis (considering you fulfill all the Fardh Salah) we people have tendency to turn towards the saints (dhongi babas), dead people like the pious ones or the scholars, towards Jin’s, threads and amulets and many other superstitions.

We even get deceived by money and begin to consider it as the Almighty, for which we are ready to forsake our duties towards our Lord. This is how we have reduced our Deen and have begun worshipping the sticks and stones, humans and Jin’s and even the dead and then expect Allah to fulfill our duas. But still out of His mercy sometimes He fulfills it, yet we have become so shallow that we don’t seek for His help and mercy alone!

May Allah help us to recognize our mistakes and guide us on to the straight path. Coz what can be more saddening that we never understood our mistake and we died in that state and so we never repented for that sin, which happens to be the most grievous sin- Shirk.

And for this sin there is no forgiveness, once your time ends from this world!

May Allah alone protect us!



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