Know sins and repent before it’s too late!

Our sins might not define who we actually are but surely define what path we have chosen and whom are we pleasing!

These are the three steps to be taken with sins:
1.Know & accept.
2.Stop & repent.
3.Avoid & do not repeat.

We need to first know what are the sins & who else can best decide for us other than our own Maker and He told this through the blessed lips of our prophet (ﷺ). So we go back to the Qur’an & the teachings of the prophet (ﷺ) to understand what’s a sin and what’s not.

Once we know what are sins, we then have to accept it as sins. But unfortunately many a times, this heart & mind doesn’t accept them as sins coz of the world we are living in, where all that is haram has been made halal and all that is halal has been made haram!

As and when, we start believing & accepting sins as sins, then only we can stop & repent. And we repent only to our Maker. That’s the beauty of Islam – our relation is direct with our Maker. And when we repent it must be sincere such that we don’t repeat and we avoid when confronted with it. That’s the sign of a true believer

May Allah help us achieve that level of Iman or belief and that level of piety which will separate us from the sinners & grant us the true success by the mercy of Our Maker alone!




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