Worship the Creator & not the created!

Each of the major faiths across the globe, if we go back to the original scriptures, it relays one core message; ❝worship the Creator and not the created.❞

Sadly people who have been following those faiths towards the later generations have gone on to make faith as per their convenience and hence they have lost the core message.

This is actually what is seen in Islam as well today. Many across the globe who follow Islam have either replaced with things based on convenience, technology and today’s world order that the core message has also started missing from them. They have either replaced Allah or they have associated partners to Allah through their ignorance or with their arrogance.

We have failed to understand that this was the same ploy used by Iblees (shaytan) to deviate the people of faith from the earlier scriptures and today even we have also fallen for the same ploy. And hence even after so many warnings and lessons what Allah and His messenger (ﷺ) have given through the book of Allah and the sunan of the prophet (ﷺ), very few pay heed to that and try to implement from the vast majority. Coz all are happy with the modern world and the sins that have come with it. People have made it halal what Allah and His Rasool (ﷺ) have made haram and vice-versa!

May Allah alone by His mercy wake all of us to realize where we have gone wrong and forgive all of us by His mercy alone and then guide us all to the straight path. For the path which He has created us all for, but we got deviated because of our own weaknesses.


© Dr. Nisar Ahmad Ibn Ibrahim



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