Work hard to walk on the straight path!

When we can work hard for this temporary life to gain the temporary things that add to the glitterati of this world, then don’t you think we must work hard for the permanent life to gain what is perfect and everlasting!

Do you think that the one which is going to be permanent for us will come to us just like that?

Do you think that one must not do anything to achieve that everlasting life where happiness will be permanent?

Do you think by doing all that which is wrong at the sight of Allah will make Allah pleased about your actions to just grant you Jannah?

Know that, no man can guarantee Jannah for himself or others but he can surely know and walk on that path that will help him lead to Jannah!

Know that just by feeling that Deen is in my heart and that will suffice me is just shaytan’s whispers to misguide u. Coz your true submission to Allah i.e. your belief will be judged by Allah on two things – your actions and intentions!

And that path is the straight path guided by Allah and shown to us by our prophet (صلى الله عليه وسلم). He who holds the rope of Allah and works hard to walk on it, then surely Allah will guide Him. Coz Allah knows who among us is the righteous and what is in our hearts more than we know ourselves!

May Allah guide us to seek knowledge to know what is right and wrong as per the Deen of Allah and give us strength to walk on that path!


© Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim


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