Do not hate one another!

Hatred is a sign of arrogance and if it's blind then it's just like a pungent smell which neither helps himself nor benefits others. ― Dr. Nisar Ahmad bin Ibrahim #LovePeople #HateBadDeedsOnly #DocWrites

Deceptive technology and hardened hearts!

Somewhere in times of revolution and technology taking it's place in this world, we Muslims have failed in obeying our Maker. And that's the reason we see our hearts have also hardened that we hardly see the truth and our hearts don't even move when any verse from the Quran is recited. The masajids have …

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Is He who creates like the one who does not create?

Unfortunately man is so arrogant that he has forgotten the blessings that Allah bestows on the mankind! Yet Allah being the Most Merciful, He tries to remind us by admonishing us in the most beautiful way. But then, we are lost and we have adopted the deviated path. And in our ignorance, we have ended …

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