History, Power & Politics

Many a times history is all about projection and propagation of a warped truth, by deceiving the people to believe in that & then continuing the distorted legacy by those who are at the realm of politics! #DocWrites

Islam – A religion with no change!

It’s only unfortunate that people today assume Islam to be represented by various other things than the actual thing! And hence people take Islam based on their convenience, what suits them and their situation the best. Know that Islam is not represented by any country today especially the so-called gulf countries. Islam is not represented …

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The end of the Pharaoh

#SignsFromAllahForThoseWhoPonder The following are very strong verses from the Qur’an which is to remind those who would want to benefit themselves. And those who fear Allah will definitely be reminded! Qur’an - Chapter 10 Surah Yunus (Jonah): And We took the Children of Israel across the sea, and Pharaoh and his soldiers pursued them in …

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